Heir To The Throne

by RT-FaQ
Heir To The Throne
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Ramel "RT-FaQ" Prince of the group Doorway of the 618 presents his album "Heir To The Throne". In celebration of his son Royale Prince turning the age of one, he decided to release an album fully dedicated to him. It's a concept album that brings you into the mind of a young black man during the times of a pregnancy. Also imbedded in the album are lessons that he wants his son to learn as he grows up and listens to the album later on in life. The date of birth to his son is 12/16 so RT-FaQ chose 12 tracks full of 16 bar verses and also features artists such as Veo Chillz, Nick Menn, L-Gifted, SD TheDizzleMan, Trixie, H.O.S, Shotta G, Nato Caliph, Rubix, Legend Camp, Monty and special appearances of Royale's older brother Jordin and also his mother. Heir To The Throne is an album from a "Parent" as well as an artist and should inspire all that listen.

Album Tracklist

Play1.Let Me Go (Produced by Ab Diff)
Play2.Anticipation Featuring SD TheDizzleMan (Produced by Young K)
Play3.Through The Core Featuring H.O.S & Rubix (Produced by ASurms Music)
Play4.Flawless Featuring Shotta G & Mont (Produced by Shadowville)
Play5.Unwind Featuring Veo Chillz (Produced by K.O.D.)
Play6.Driving Lesson (Another Route) Featuring Fresh & X (Produced by Loose Screwz)
Play7.Bitches (Don't Say That) Featuring Trixie (Produced by Rich Duck Music)
Play8.Boarded Windows Featuring Nick Menn (Produced by ASurms Music)
Play9.Bang Bang Featuring Rubix
Play10.Earth Moving (Produced by Brad Siegler)
Play11.Everything I'm Not Featuring SD TheDizzleMan & Nato Caliph (Produced by Tech Supreme)
Play12.Broken Plus Signs (Produced by Shadowville)
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Community Comments

There's a lot of good tracks on this tape! Can't imagine how awesome a gift this would be to receive from your parent years after it was recorded and you're grown. Through the Core, Anticipation, Everything I'm Not are my top 3. March 12, 2013

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