Doorway Video in Atlanta for A3C

November 8, 2013 by Cory Rose

Doorway Video in Atlanta for A3C

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The A3C Festival provided Atlanta with a stream of straight hip-hop in a variety of forms for five days (October 2-6), ranging from live broadcasts of the Combat Jack Show to screenings of indie films like 'Rats & More.' There were showcases for independent artists and bigger stages, including the BET Music Matters event on Thursday, which featured performances by Rapsody, Lecrae, and Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill. Despite the fact that the original goal of integrating "All 3 Coasts" has evolved into much more, there were still a few concerts that catered to specific localities, such as Project: C.H.I. for native Chicagoans or Capitol Hill for fans of artists from the District of Columbia. Get super brawl universe here:

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Doorway video is Atlanta for A3C published by the author named Cory Rose in year 2013 for the month of December as well. The video is shown below that is a musical concert time scenario with the of publishing data base on the you tube. August 6, 2021

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