Nick Menn - Line Em Up ft Rockwell Knuckles & Tef Poe (Produced by BentleyHendrixx)

September 23, 2013 by Nick Menn & Tef Poe

Nick Menn - Line Em Up ft Rockwell Knuckles & Tef Poe (Produced by BentleyHendrixx)

Artist: Nick Menn, Rockwell Knuckles & Tef Poe
Directed by: Nick Menn & Alex White
Shot & Edited by: Alex White
Recorded & Mixed by Cory Rose & Bentley Hendrixx

Goon Road will be released mid-October 2013; it is the name of an actual road located in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Goon Road has a haunted history & was also the go-to place for partying and drugs during Nick Menn's teen years. The project will be a concept based on the dark history of the road as well as heavy drug usage. It is meant to blur the perceived lines between reality, life, and death... and will be split into three EPs (there also happens to be three hills on Goon Road). With many layers and symbols spread throughout the expansive project, it will give listeners a chance to find something new with each listen. When asked to describe the overall concept, Nick Menn said "To me, Goon Road is the perfect American, drug-induced horror story. The 3 EPs, or 'hills', represent the ups-and-downs often exaggerated by the choices we make in our lives."

For now, you can get a taste of what's to come when you begin the journey down Goon Road with Nick Menn in the video for "Line Em Up" at

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